Ecommerce Services from the Ecommerce Specialists

Not everyone who develops websites knows how to provide top-quality ecommerce services. We knew early on that we did not want to be a “Jack of all Trades and a Master of None”. That’s why we’ve kept our focus on developing and improving ecommerce websites that sell, and we do those things very well.

We work with companies of all sizes – from start-up to enterprise level!

Getting a new ecommerce business startedon the right foot gives us great joy. We know that the details make the difference between success and failure. We know what your site visitors want:

  • An ecommerce website that is attractive, inviting, intuitive, informative and uncomplicated.
    And we know what you – the new ecommerce merchant – want:
  • An ecommerce website that is functional, stable, rich in back office reporting, and – above all – sells your products!
    We guarantee the quality of our work, and our support team is available to you 24/7. You have nothing to lose by sending us an inquiry! Inquire Now

Are you unhappy with the look of your current ecommerce site?

Do the sites of your competitors look so much more attractive, modern, fresh and inviting? Websites become dated very quickly, and with rapid technology advances yours may also lack the functionality of your competitors’ ecommerce sites. When you decide on a makeover of your ecommerce store, you will reap many benefits:

  • Enhanced brand identity through appealing and functional store design
  • Increased visibility through search engine optimization
  • Improved visitor conversions through our “keep it simple” approach

Our ecommerce store makeover is guaranteed to create no data loss. It is a small investment in greatly boosting your revenues. We also guarantee the overall quality of our work and our 24/7 technical support. It costs you nothing to inquire. What are you waiting for? Inquire Now

Do you need to capture customers on mobile devices?

Of course you do! That’s where your customers hang out and do their shopping. So, if your ecommerce site is not mobile device friendly and ecommerce-responsive, you are losing sales! Mobile device users want quick and easily visible access to information so that they can complete their purchase with minimal loss of time.

The much smaller display areas of mobile devices call for a radically different design approach for optimal visibility. The design needs to also adapt automatically to different screen resolutions. But there is an additional element to consider: The design should also be ecommerce-responsive – see our FAQs below to learn more.

Of course, we keep all this in mind when we develop a brand-new ecommerce store. But we can also adapt existing ecommerce websites to make them mobile device friendly and ecommerce-responsive.

The benefits of ecommerce-responsive design are many:

  • Happy customers who can quickly find what they need and complete their purchase without stumbles
  • Increased conversions from all devices
  • Easy management for you through single codebase
  • An astonishing increase in business from just this one change

You will find our prices amazingly affordable, and our proposals are always without cost or obligation. The quality of our work and 24/7 technical support is guaranteed. Take action today to bring your site into alignment with today’s shopping habits!

Does your current ecommerce site need a custom solution?

It depends on the nature of your business, your product offerings and your internal processes. The five top ecommerce platforms we work with offer solutions that meet the needs of most ecommerce customers, making them very economical to develop. If you are looking to get your first ecommerce website, contact us for a complimentary no-obligation consultation. We will tell you honestly what the most economical solution is for your needs.

If you are an existing ecommerce merchant, you may either want – or need – more. Perhaps you want to make the look truly your own. Perhaps you need functionalities that are not available with existing plugins, extensions or apps.

Our design specialists are the masters of custom ecommerce development with custom coding using javascripts or, in complex cases, programming languages. Need to interface with an unusual payment gateway? Need to create a custom workflow for ordering customized or personalized products? Need custom fields? Whatever it is, we are here to help, and we’ve done it successfully for many happy clients.

For this type of work you could be paying up to four times as much as we charge. Do not proceed until you check us out! Contact us today for a complimentary no-obligation consultation.

Learn more at our FAQs below:

Have you outgrown your current ecommerce platform?

As your business expands, your current ecommerce solution may not give you the functionality and features you need to keep your business flourishing. Perhaps inventory management and other business operations have become cumbersome and time-consuming. Also, do you feel that your search engine ranking could be higher with better SEO? Or are you tired of the ever-increasing fees of your hosted platform?

These are all reasons to seriously consider ecommerce platform migration. We know that this can be a scary thought because of possible data loss. That’s why it is so important to entrust the job to a provider with the highest ecommerce service expertise. We have a long track record of successful platform migrations for clients worldwide.

Learn more at the FAQs below:

Do you need more time to work ON your business instead of IN your business!

Then Ecommerce API Integration is your ticket. When today’s many different business management apps do not talk to each other, much time is wasted. Luckily, endless solutions are possible with API Integration. How would you like to have your ecommerce store seamlessly and securely communicate with applications like -

  • Accounting Systems like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, MYOB, and more
  • Email Marketing integration with iContact, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more
  • Order Fulfillment solutions like Shipwire, Veracore
  • Shipping solutions like Shipping Easy, Ship Station, Ready Shipper, and more
  • Shopping Feed integration with TheFind, Google Shopping Feed, through GoDataFeed and DataFeedWatch
  • Inventory Management solutions like SolidCommerce

Would that give you the time you need to work on expanding your business – rather than waste time with cumbersome manual processes? Of course it would, and that’s to say nothing of the reduction in errors. Learn more at our FAQs below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Responsive website?

Of course you do if your website serves customers who use smartphones and tablets to make their purchases. Since that’s pretty much everyone these days, then an investment in responsive website design is not only worth it, it’s mandatory.

Is it possible to convert my existing website into a responsive ecommerce website?

Yes, it is possible. We have done this many times before and will be happy to do it for you. We start by defining a strategy so that the migration is seamless and your website has NO downtime. We create a staging server to perform the work and share links with you on a regular basis. After your final approval we deploy the new design to the live website.

I already have a Mobile Ecommerce website. Do I still need a Responsive website?

Here are a few examples of ecommerce-responsive websites we have developed for happy clients:

Yes, do check out the difference between them in our sample below. They demonstrate what we mean and will help you make a decision:

  • With responsive website design you don’t need a sub-domain (like in mobile website design) it runs on the same domain as it detects the device and serves the customers seamlessly.
  • With Responsive website design you have a single codebase to edit for all the screen resolutions which is not the case with a Mobile website.
  • It’s easier to get analytics and reports of your responsive website compared to a mobile website since responsive websites are highly supported by search engines.

Our ecommerce store makeover is guaranteed to create no data loss. It is a small investment in greatly boosting your revenues. We also guarantee the overall quality of our work and our 24/7 technical support. It costs you nothing to inquire. What are you waiting for?

In what circumstances would I need custom development?

There could be various reasons why you would want custom development. Some of them are listed here:

  • You need product filters which are not readily available in your Ecommerce platform
  • You need custom reports to analyze your business financials or analyze customer behavior
  • You are looking to have something really different from your competitors with an outstanding functionality not available in standard stores.
Why would I need custom development if I could find a plugin or extension to meet my needs?

If you find the functionalities needed with available plugins or extensions, you are in luck. For many ecommerce store owners this is not the case, or the plugins lack some vital functionalities that are very crucial for their business. This is where we come into the picture for custom development.

What are the monthly fees for custom development?

There are no monthly fees involved, which is the main benefit of custom development. With the extensions or plugins that satisfy your need, you have to pay a fixed amount monthly. With custom development by us, you just pay once and enjoy them forever, since the development results become your intellectual property.

Can I lose any data in the migration process of my ecommerce website from one platform to another ?

Can I lose any data in the migration process of my ecommerce website from one platform to another ?

Don’t worry. No data from your current website will be lost. We begin by analyzing your current website and creating a long list of everything that’s there. This becomes our checklist to ensure migration of all data to the new platform.

My existing ecommerce website is ranking well with the search engines. Will my rankings drop after migration to another platform?

While migrating, we ensure every aspect of search engine rankings. We migrate your existing meta data, alt tag data and redirect your old website URLs to the new ones. However, initially your rankings may drop, but they will be back up to the same or near the same level once the new URLs are completely indexed by the search engines.

The crack team at Avid Brio stands ready to move your store seamlessly to an efficient ecommerce platform. We guarantee that every single thing on your current site will be successfully migrated – no data loss ever!

You will find our ecommerce platform migration services surprisingly affordable. And we never skimp on customer service. Our technical support is available 24/7. It costs you nothing to inquire, and our initial consultation is free.

Does Avid Brio provide the API?

No…Avid Brio just helps with a thorough understanding of the API, its configuration and installation with your ecommerce Store. Purchasing of the API is up to you.

How many calls can be made to connect a simple accounting application with my ecommerce store?

API calls depend on the frequency of the information exchange between the 3rd party API application and the ecommerce store. We do not have any control over that.

Is there any limit to the number of API calls that can be made with ecommerce?

Yes…there is a limit. In fact, each and every system has a limitation in terms of the specific number of API calls. You would need check with your ecommerce platform and 3rd party application to know the limits. We will need that information so that we can set your data frequency accordingly.p>

What processes can we integrate for you? We know what we’re doing! And you will find our API Integration Services surprisingly affordable and our 24/7 technical support the best in the industry. It costs you nothing to inquire, and our initial consultation is free.